Intel Vintage

Intel PROM Programmers Literature

Literature TitleOrder No.
Universal PROM Programmer User's Manual 980819-003 
Universal PROM Programmer User's Manual Change Notice #1 162901-001 
iUP200/UP201 Universal PROM Programmer Data Sheet 210319-003 
iUP 200/201 U1 Upgrade Installation Manual 164857-001 
iUP 200/UP 201 Universal PROM Programmer Pocket t Reference 162614-002 
iUP 200/201 Universal User's Guide 162613-003 
iUP 200/201 User's Guide Change Notice # 1 163925-001 
iUP 200A/201A Universal Programmer User's Guide 164852-001 
iPPS PROM Programming Software User's Guide 164861-001 
iPPS/PROM Programming Software User's Guide164853-001 
PROM Programming Personality Modules Data Sheet 280003-001 
iUP-FAST 27/K Personality Module User's Guide 164376-001 
iUP-F27/128 Personality Module User's Guide 162848-001 
iUP F36/32 Personality Module User's Guide 163370-001 
iUP-F87/44 Personality Module User's Guide 163354-001 
iUP-F87/51 Personality Module User's Guide 163353-001 
iUP-F87/51A Personality Module User's Guide 164855-001 
iUP-PAK Upgrade Kit Installation Manual 163557-001 
AP-156-Designing Modules for iPDS and iUP Systems 230682-001 
AP-179-PROM Programming with the Intel Personal Development System (iPDS) 280015-001