Intel Vintage

Intel Bubble Memory Literature

Literature TitleOrder No.
Memory Components Handbook 210830-003 
Bubble Storage System Brochure 230656-003 
Bubble Storage and the Intel Personal Development System Flyer 210744-001 
Bubble Memory Successes in the Data Acquisition Products Marketplace Fact Sheet 210872-001 
Bubble Memory Successes in the Office Products Marketplace Brochure 210694-001 
Bubble Memory Success in the Industrial Products Marketplace  Brochure 210870-002 
A Primer on Magnetic Bubble Memory Brochure 210815-001 
Design with Intel Bubble Memory and You Can Expect a Data Error in About 300 Years..Maybe Flyer 231045-002 
BPK-70A 1 Mbit Bubble Memory Subsystem Data Sheet 210804-003 
MBPK 70-5 Military Bubble Memory Subsystem Data Sheet 2 230866-002 
BPK-72 Bubble Memory Prototype Kit Users Manual 121685-003 
BPK72A 1 Mbit Bubble Memory Prototype Kit Data Sheet 231182-001 
iBCK10-1 and iBCK 10-4 Intel Bubble Cassette System Production Kit Data Sheet 231084-001 
iBCK 12 Intel Bubble Cassette System Prototyping Kit Data Sheet 231086-001 
iBC User's Manual 122278-001 
iSBC 254 Bubble Memory Board Data Sheet 210802-003 
iSBX 258 iSBX Interface Multimodule for Intel Bubble Cassette System Data Sheet 231085-001 
RR-36-7110 Bubble Memory Reliability 210632-001 
AP-157-Software Design and Implementation Details for Bubble Memory Systems 230707-002 
AP-164-Using CMOS Minimizes Bubble Memory Power Consumption 230826-001 
AR-206-Magnetic Bubble Memory 210442-001 
AR-214-The Future of Bubbles 210480-001 
AR-221-Intel Motorola Ink Bubble Memory Agreement 210624-001 
AR-234-Words-Small is better: Bubble Memory in Office Automation 210766-001 
AR-243-Thin-Film detectors, X-ray lithography deliver 4-Mbit bubble chip 210824-001 
AR-250-Bubble Memory Squeezes 4 Megabits onto one-chip, Electronic Design 210842-001 
AR-263-Bubble Memory Editorial 210944-001 
AR-306-Diskless Computers Emerge in a Proper Mix of Firmware, Processor, and Bubble Memory 230881-001 
AR_316-Bubble Up Megabits That Don't Forget 230928-001 
AR-328-On/Off Scheme Slashes Bubble Memory's Power Drain 231072-001 
AR-329-Bubble Memories: Their Military Role - Defense Science and Electronics 231073-001 
AR-334-Bubble Memories Are Back 231109-001 

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