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I'm Electrical Engineer & I'm Intel collector ..

Here you can find some of my Intel collection : ICs ,User's Manuals & Tools...Also I like to design the Old Intel's Systems like SDK-51,SDK-85.See my Projects....Also I have more than 1000 Soft copy data sheets ,User's Manuals.......

My experience VB,Assembly language of all Intel's products.

Home country Iraq..Resident in Dubai .

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My Intel's Vintage ICs

2i4002P8RAM & 4 Bit Port
3i4201P24MHz Clock Generator
4i4265P4Programmable General Purpose I/O Device
5i4269P4Programmable Keyboard Display Device
6i4289D1Standard Memory Interface for MCS-4/40
5i8214P1Priority Interrupt Control Unit 
6i8214D1Priority Interrupt Control Unit 
7i8224P1Clock Generator & Driver 
8i8224D2Clock Generator & Driver 
9i8228P2System Controller & Bus Driver 
10i8228D1System Controller & Bus Driver 
11i5101P16SRAM    (8 new 8 old)
3i8155P13RAM+ 3 I/O Ports+Timer "Active Low CS"
4i8155D8RAM+ 3 I/O Ports+Timer "Active Low CS"
5i8156P2RAM+ 3 I/O Ports+Timer "Active High CS"
8i8202D10Dynamic RAM Controller
9i8203D2Dynamic RAM Controller
10i8205P51 Of 8 Binary Decoder
11i8207CR6DRAM Controller
12i8212P858 Bit I/O Port
13i8212D38 Bit I/O Port
14i8216P54 Bit Parallel Bidirectional Bus Driver
15i8216D14 Bit Parallel Bidirectional Bus Driver
16i8231C8Arithmetic Processing Unit
17i8232C2Floating Point Processor
18i8237P4DMA Controller
19i8244P0General Purpose Graphics Display Device 
20i8245P4General Purpose Graphics Display Device 
21i8251P9Communication Controller
22i8251D1Communication Controller
23i8251C1Communication Controller
24i8253P2Programmable Interval Timer
25i8253D1Programmable Interval Timer
26i8254P2Programmable Interval Timer
27i8254N20Programmable Interval Timer
28i8255P30Programmable Peripheral Interface
29i8255D2Programmable Peripheral Interface
30i8255N22Programmable Peripheral Interface
31i8256P5Multifunction Support Controller
32i8257P1DMA Controller
33i8259P10Programmable Interrupt Controller
34i8259D1Programmable Interrupt Controller
35i8271P2Programmable Floppy Disk Controller
36i8272P3Single/Double Density Floppy Disk Controller
37i8272D20Single/Double Density Floppy Disk Controller
38i8273P3Programmable HDLC/SDLC Protocol Controller
39i8273D1Programmable HDLC/SDLC Protocol Controller
40i8274P2Multi-Protocol Serial Controller
41i8275P1CRT Controller
42i8275D2CRT Controller
43i8276P3Small System CRT Controller
44i8278P12Programmable KeyBoard Interface
45i8278D0Programmable KeyBoard Interface
46i8279P35KeyBoard/Display Controller
47i8279D1KeyBoard/Display Controller
48i8291P2GPIB Talker/Listener
49i8292P1GPIB Controller
50i8292D1GPIB Controller
51i8293D2GPIB Transceiver
52i8294P62Data Encryption/Decryption Unit+1 O/P Port
53i8295P2Dot Matrix Printer Controller
54i8355P116,384-bit (2048 x 8) ROM with I/O
55i8755D49EPROM+2 I/O Ports
56i8755C2EPROM+2 I/O Ports
5i8088D4CPU new
6i8089D2Input/Output Co-Processor
7i8208C3Dynamic RAM Controller
8i8286P3Octal Bus Transceiver 
9i8287P8Octal Bus Transceiver 
10i8287D4Octal Bus Transceiver 
13i82062C2Winchester Disk Controller
15i82288D1Bus Controller For iAPX 286 Processors
16i82284D1Clock Generator & Driver
19i80376D-R1High Performance 32-Bit Embedded Processor
20i82370D-R1Integrated System Peripheral
21i82530P2Serial Communication Controller
22i82530D2Serial Communication Controller
23i82586C2Local Communications Controller
24i82730CR2Text Coprocessor
25i80502D-R1Pentium CPU
26i80503166D-R2Pentium CPU
27i141A642D-R1Celeron CPU
1i8020P4Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
2i8021P4Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
3i8022P5Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller With On Chip A/D Converter
4i8039P7Universal Peripheral Interface 8-Bit Slave Microcontroller
5i8042P1Universal Peripheral Interface 8-Bit Slave Microcontroller
6i8742P1Universal Peripheral Interface 8-Bit Slave Microcontroller
7i8742D26Universal Peripheral Interface 8-Bit Slave Microcontroller
8i8243P1Input/Output Expander
9i8243D4Input/Output Expander
10i8049P1Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
11i8748D41Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
12i8748C2Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
13i8749D1Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
14i80321P32Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
1i8031P4Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
2i8031D3Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller
3i8032P308-Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller
4i8052N788-Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller
5i8744C6High Performance 8-Bit Microcontroller W/On-Chip Serial Comm. Controller
6i8751D48-Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller
7i8751C98-Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller
8i8751R198-Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller
9i8752D88-Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller
10i8775D1Microcontroller Peripheral I/O Port Expander W/32Kx8 EPROM
1i8095C316-Bit Microcontroller (48-Pin Without EROM With A/D)
2i8098P1Advanced 8-Bit Microcontroller With 16-Bit CPU
3i8395C216-Bit Microcontroller (48-Pin With ROM With A/D)
4i8797TR416-Bit Microcontroller (68-Pin With EROM With A/D)
1i5C032D68-Macrocell PLD
2i5C060D3Fast 16-Macrocell CHMOS PLD
3i5C090D2Fast 24-Macrocell CHMOS PLD
4i5C090CJ4Fast 24-Macrocell CHMOS PLD
5i5C121D41200 Gate H-Series EPLD
6i5AC312D41-Micron CHMOS EPLD
7i5AC324D81-Micron CHMOS EPLD
Bubble Memory
1i7110D-2L31,048,576-bit Bubble Memory
2i7220D2Bubble Memory Controller for Intel 7110 Bubble Memory 
3i7230D3Current Pulse Generator for Intel 7110 Bubble Memory 
4i7242D3Dual Formatter/Sense Amplifier for Intel 7110 Bubble 
5i7250D3Coil Predriver (CPD) for Intel 7110 Bubble Memory 
6i7254C4Driver Transistor for Intel 7110 Bubble Memory 
7i7254P2Driver Transistor for Intel 7110 Bubble Memory 
1i1702C12048-bit (256 x 8) Static PROM 
2i1702B12048-bit (256 x 8) Static PROM 
3i2708D1(512 x 8) EPROM 
4i2716D3(2048 x 8) EPROM
5i2764D16(8K x 8) EPROM
6i27128D2(4096 x 8) EPROM
7i27202C2256Kbit (16Kx16) CMOS 3-State UV-Erasable EPROM
8i27203C1Fast Pipelined 256K (16K x 16) EPROM
9i27512D3(8192 x 8) EPROM
10i27210D41M (64K x 16) EPROM
11i27220D42M (128K x 16) EPROM
12i27400D44M (256K x 16 or 512 x 8) EPROM
13i8764D264K (8K x 8 ) CHMOS UV Erasable PRPM
14i87257D1256K(32K x 8) CHMOS UV Erasable PROM 
1i1103P161024 x 1-Bit Dynamic RAM
2i1402C61024-bit (256 x 4) Dynamic Shift Register
4i2101C11024-bit (256 x 4) Static RAM w/Separate I/O
5i2114P114096-bit (1024 x 4) Static RAM w/Common I/O
6i2117C2416.384 x 1 Bit Dynamic RAM
7i2118D3616,384-bit (16,384 x 1) Dynamic RAM
8i2149D84096-bit (1024 x 4) Static RAM w/Common I/O 
9i2125D1001024-bit (1024 x 1) Static RAM 
10i2186C1( 8192 x 8 ) Integrated RAM
11i21256P14262,144 x 1-bit Dynamic RAM with Page Mode
12i5186P28192 x 8 Bit CHMOS Integrated RAM
13i5164P58K x 8-Bit CMOS Static RAM
Flash Memory
1i28F010P41024K (128K x 8) CMOS Flash Memory
2i28F010N101024K (128K x 8) CMOS Flash Memory
3i28F512P4512K (64Kx8) CMOS Flash Memory
2i2000P4Scanner Controller
3i3242D2Address Multiplexer and Refresh Counter for 16K DRAMs  
4i3404P1High-Speed 6-bit Latch 
Total Nos. Of ICs1304

My Intel Vintage Books

Nos. Intel Book/User's Manual Year
1MCS-4 Micro Computer Set1972
28008 8 Bit Parallel Central Processor Unit User's Manual Rev.11972
38008 8 Bit Parallel Central Processor Unit User's Manual Rev.21972
4MCS-8 Micro Computer Set 1973
5Intel Data Catalog1973
6From CPU to software1974
7MCS-4 Microcomputer User's Manual1974
8MCS-4 Microcomputer User's Manual1974
9MCS-40 User's Manual For Logic Designers1974
10Intel 8080 Microcomputer Systems User's Manual (Big One)1975
11Intel 8080  Microcomputer Systems User's Manual (Small One)1975
12Intel 8080  Microcomputer System Manual 1975
13Intel Intellec MDS-DOS Operators Manual 1975
14Intel 8080 System Design Kit (SDK-80) Data Sheet1975
15Intel Series 3000 Reference Manual1976
16SBC 80/10 Single Board Computer1976
17AP-16 Using The 8251 Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter1976
18Intel 8080 Assembly Language Programming Manual1976
19RS 232 /TTY Adapter Board Schematic Diagram1976
20Intel 8080/8085 Assembly Language Programming Manual1977
21Intel 8080A-20 Single Chip 8-Bit N-Channel Microprocesor Data Sheet1977
22Intel Data Catalog 19771977
23AP-29 Using the Intel 8085 Serial I/O Lines1977
24MCS-80 User's Manual  (WITH INTRODUCTION TO MCS-85)1977
25MCS-80 User's Manual  (WITH INTRODUCTION TO MCS-85)1977
26MCS-80 User's Manual  (WITH INTRODUCTION TO MCS-85)1977
27Intel Prompt SPP Specialized PROM Programming User's Manual1977
28Intel ISIS-2 8080/8085 Macro Assembler Operators Manual1977
29AP-26 SBC 80/10 Single Board Computer Applications1977
308085 Instruction Set1977
318085 Instruction Set1977
32Intel Memory Handbook1978
33Intel Delivers A Unique New Microcomputer,The 8085.It's Like The 8080.Only Better1978
34Intel 2716 16K (2Kx8) UV EPROM Data Sheet1978
35Intel EPROM/ROM Compatibility1978
36Intel 8080/8085 Macro Assembler Operator's Manual1978
37Intel MCS Peripherals Product Desciption1978
38Intel 8080/85 Assembly Language Programming 19781978
39iSBC 959 Intellec-iSBC 86/12 Intreface And Excution Package User's Guide1978
40iSBC 86/12A Single Board Computer Hardware Reference Manual1978
41Parallel Load Cable Assemble Schematic Diagram1978
42Printed Wiring Assy iSBC 86/1X Bus Exchange  P166YBACK   Schematic Diagram1978
43Intel Memory Handbook1978
44MCS-48 User's Manual 1978
45Intel Microcomputer News1978
46SDK-85 System Design Kit Drawing (4 Pages)1978
47SDK-85 System Design Kit User's Manual1978
48SDK-85 System Design Kit User's Manual1978
49Intel MCS-85 User's Manual January 19781978
50Intel MCS-85 User's Manual January 19781978
51Intel Component Data Catalog 19781978
52Intel Peripheral Design Handbook1978
53Intel MCS-86 User's Manual July 19781978
54Intel SDK-85 User's Manual May 19781978
55Software Development Tools 8080/8085 Assembly Language Programming 1979
56Intel Component Data Catalog 19791979
57ICE-85 In-Ciruit Emulator Pocket Reference1979
58Introduction To Microcomputers Using Intel's SDK-851979
59Intel 8080/8085 Floating Point Arithmetic User's Manual1979
60AP-28A Intel MULTIBUS Intrefacing1979
61iSBC 86/12A Single Board Computer Hardware Reference Manual1979
62MCS-80/85 Family User's Manual1979
63MCS-80/85 Family User's Manual1979
64UPI-41 User's Manual1979
65The 8086 Family User's Manual1979
66The 8086 Family User's Manual1979
67Intel 8085/8080 Assembly Language Reference Card 1979
68AP-56 Designing with Intel's 8022 Microcomputer1979
69Intel MCS-48 Single Chip Microcomputers User's Manual1980
70Intel Systems Data Catalog 19801980
71Intel 2920 Analog Signal Processor Design Handbook1980
72Intel 2920 Analog Signal Processor Design Handbook1980
73Intel 90 Series Data Catalog1980
74iSBC Applications Manual1980
75An  Introduction To ASM861981
76iAPX 88 Book1981
77ISIS-II Pocket Reference1981
78iPDS-100 CRT Circuit Diagram1981
79iPDS-100 Power Supply Schematic Diagram1981
80iPDS-100 Power Supply Circuit Card Assembly1981
81iAPX 86,88 User's Manual1981
82iAPX 86,88 User's Manual1981
83iAPX 86,88 User's Manual1981
84Intel MCS-51 Single Chip Microcomputers Manual1981
85Intel MCS-51 Single Chip Microcomputers Manual1981
86Intel Component Data Catalog 1981
87Intel Systems Data Catalog1981
88Intel Memory Design Handbook1981
89Intel Peripheral Design Handbook1981
90Intel Peripheral Design Handbook1981
918085AH/8085AH-2/8085AH-1 8-Bit HMOS Microprocessor Data Sheet1981
92ISIS Command Line Interpretere Pocket Supplement1982
93Component Data Catalog1982
94Intel Systems Data Catalog1982
9582288 Bus Controller For iAPX 286 Processors  Data Sheet1982
9682284 Clock Generator And Ready Interface For iAPX 286 Processors Data Sheet1982
97iSBX-251 Techincal Manual Revision B1982
988272 Single / Double Density Floppy Disk Controller  Data Sheet1982
99Intel Systems Data Catalog 1982
100iPDS-100 Schematic Base Processor1982
101iPDS-100 Schematic Base Processor1982
102iPDS-100 Schematic Base Processor1982
103iPDS-100 Schematic Reset Module1982
104iPDS-100 Schematic Reset Module1982
105iPDS-100 Schematic Data Separator1982
106iPDS-100 Schematic Data Separator1982
107iPDS-100 Schematic Optional Processor1982
108iPDS-100 Schematic Multimodule Adapter1982
109iPDS-100 Schematic EMV/PROM Programmer Adapter1982
110iPDS-100 Schematic EMV/PROM Programmer Adapter1982
111iPDS-100 Interconnection Diagram PDS System1983
112iPDS-100 Schematic FD Signal Interface1983
113iPDS-100 Schematic FD Signal Interface1983
114iPDS-100 Schematic Bubble Memory1983
115iPDS-100 Schematic Bubble Memory1983
116iPDS-100 Cable Assembly DC Power1983
117Intel OEM Systems Handbook 1983
11882530 Serial Communications Controller  Data Sheet1983
11980287 80-Bit HMOS Numeric Processor Extension  Data Sheet1983
120iPAX 286 High Perfomance Microprocessor With Memory Management And Protection Data Sheet1983
121iPAX 286 Operating Systems Writer's Guide1983
122AP-186 Introduction To The 80186 Microprocessor1983
123iPDS-130 Optional Flexible Disk Drive Installation Instructioons1983
124Memory Components Handbook1983
1258256 Multifunction Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (MUART) Data Sheet1983
126Microprocessor and Peripheial Handbook1983
127ISIS Command Line Interpreter Pocket Supplement1983
12880186 Highly integrated 16-bit microprocesso Data Sheet1983
129Intel Internal Correspondence1983
130Intel Internal Correspondence1983
131Intel Internal Correspondence1983
132Intel Internal Correspondence1983
133Intel Internal Correspondence1983
134iAPX 88 Book With An Introduction To The iAPX 1881983
135iAPX 88 Book With An Introduction To The iAPX 1881983
136iAPX 86/88 , 186/188 User's Manual Programmer's Reference1983
137Telecommunication Products Handbook1984
138Distributed Control Modules Databook1984
139AP-179 PROM Programming With The Intel Personal Development System (iPDS)1984
140Intel EMV-88 Emulation Vehicle User's Guide1984
141Intel Literature Guide1984
142EMV-88 Pocket Reference1984
14380C31BH-90 CHMOS Single Component 8-Bit Control Oriented CPU With RAM And I/O Data Sheet1984
1448032/8052 Single-Component 8-Bit Microcontroller Data Sheet1984
1458751 Single Chip 8-Bit Microcontroller With 4K Bytes Of Eprom Program Mmemory1984
1468208 Dynamic RAM Controller Data Sheet1984
1478208 Dynamic RAM Controller Data Sheet1984
1488207 Dual Port Dynamic RAM Controller Data Sheet1984
1498207 Dual Port Dynamic RAM Controller Data Sheet1984
15082730 Text Coprocessor Data Sheet1984
15182586 Local Area Network Coprocessor Data Sheet1984
15282586 Local Area Network Coprocessor Data Sheet1984
1538087 Numeric Data Coprocessor Data Sheet1984
15482062 Winchester Disk Controller Data Sheet1984
15582062 Winchester Disk Controller Data Sheet1984
156AR 345 Built A VLSI-Based Workstation For The Ethernet Environment Data Sheet1984
15782188 Integrated Bus Controller (IBC) for iAPX 86, 88,186,188 Processor Data Sheet1984
158Intel Development Systems Handbook1984
159Intel Literature Guide1984
160Microcontroller Handbook1984
161Memory Components Handbook1984
162MCS-96 User's Manual1984
163LAN Components User's Manual1984
164AR-345 Builte A VLSI-Based workstation For The Ethernet Environment1984
165AEDIT Source Code And Text Editor For PC-DOS1985
166AP-252 Designing With The 80C51BH1985
167AP-248 Using The 80961985
16880C51BH/BH1/BH2 CHMOS Single Component 8-Bit w/Factory Mask-Programmable ROM Data Sheet1985
16927C64/87C64   64K (8K x 8 ) CHMOS UV Erasable PRPM Data Sheet1985
17051C86   8192 x 8 Bit CHMOS Integrated RAM Data Sheet1985
171PROM Programming Personality Modules1985
172Intel CHMOS Product List1985
173Microsystem Components Handbook Volume I1985
174Microsystem Components Handbook Volume II1985
175Intel CHMOS Components Handbook  1985
176Intel CHMOS Components Handbook  1985
177iAPX 86/ 88 , 186/188 User's Manual Hardware Reference1985
178Microsystem Copmponents Handbook Volume I1985
179Microsystem Copmponents Handbook Volume II1985
180CHMOS Components Handbook1985
181Memory Components Handbook1985
182Intel 80386 Datasheet1986
183Intel The MCS-80/85 Family User's Manual 19861986
184Development Systems Handbook1986
185Development Systems Handbook1986
186Intel Microcommunications Handbook1986
187Development Systems Handbook1986
188Software Handbook1986
189Components Quality/Reliability Handbook1986
190Components Quality/Reliability Handbook1986
191Microcontroller Handbook1986
192Product Guide 1986
193Product Guide 1986
194Evaluate Bubble Memory In The Privacy Of Your Own PC1986
195Literature Price List1986
196Four Megabit Bubble Data Sheet1986
197AP-236 Implementing StaLAN With The Intel 825881986
19882588 Design Kit User's Guide1986
199MCS-96 8098/8398 Advanced 8-Bit Microcontroller With 16-Bit CPU Data Sheet1987
20080387 Programmer's Reference Manual1987
201OEM Boards And Systems Handbook1987
202Embedded Controller Handbook1987
203Intel 80286 Hardware Reference Manual1987
204Development Tools Handbook Software , Tools And System1987
205Microprocessor And Peripheral Handbook Volume III1987
206Installing The Intel 8087 In Your IBM PC Or XT1988
207Programmable Logic Handbook1988
208Intel MCS-96 System On A Chip1988
209Intel Above Board Manual1988
210Intel 8087 & 80287 Math Coprocessor Software Guide1988
211The Intel 376 Family For Embedded Processor Applications1988
212Intel 376 Family Product Briefs1988
21327C203 Fast Pipelined 256K (16K x 16) EPROM Data Sheet1988
21482370 Intrgrated System Peripheral Data Sheet1988
21587C257  256K(32K x 8) CHMOS UV Erasable PROM Data Sheet1988
216Intel Training Dollars1988
217Intel Slide-Guide1988
2188096/196 Software Development Packages1988
219VLSiCE-96 In-Circuit Emulator1988
220Intel Customer Training Schedule1988
221Intel Development Tools Catalog1988
2228098 & 87C257 Schematic Digram1988
223876 High Perfomance 32-Bit Embedded Processor Data Sheet1988
224Development Tools Catalog1988
225Intel i486 Microprocessor1989
226Microprocessor and Peripheial Handbook Volume 1-Microprocessor1989
227Slow Static RAM Reliablity Repport1989
228Microcomputer Programmable Logic Handbook1989
229Microcomputer Programmable Logic Handbook1989
230Memory Components Handbook1989
231OEM Boards And Systems Handbook1989
2325164S/L 8K x 8-Bit CHMOS Static RAM1990
233Intel DRAM/SRAM Cross Reference Guide1990
2348-Bit Embedded Controller1990
235Price List & Product Guide PC Enhancements Nov.19901990
236Intel 386 SX Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual1990
237Intel i860 64-Bit Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual1990
238The Intel CAS Directory1990
239The DCA/Intel Communicating Applications Specification1990
240Programmer's Toolkit For DCA/Intel CAS And The Phonebook1990
241Intel Product Guide 19911991
242Intel Customer Literature Guide 19911991
24380C186EC/80C188EC User's Manual1991
244Product Guide 1991
245Intel 386DX Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual1991
24616-Bit Embedded Contgroller1991
247Embedded Application1991
248Embedded Application 1991
249PLD Design Using PLDshell/PLDasm 1991
250PLDshell Plus/PLDasm User's Guide V3.01992
251Peripheral Components 1992
252Programmable Logic1993
253HandBook Directory1993
254Product Overview1993
257Quick Guide To Intel's QFP Quad Flat Pack1993
258Peripheral Components1994
259Microprocessor Volume III1994
260Programmable Logic 1994
261ProShare Personal Conferencing Video System User's Guide1994
2621995 Intel Annual Report1995
263Intel OverDrive Processor Installation Manual1995
264Embedded Application Vol. 11996
265Intel  "Intel History"2003

My Intel Vintage Software

No.Software Format   Year
1Microsoft Basic Interreter For iPDS CP/M Ver. 5.25.25"1980
28086/8088 Assembler And Utilities For iPDS Ver. 2.15.25"1980
3iPDS CP/M PASCAL-80 By Microsoft 5.25"1980
4iPDS Drive Tests-System5.25"1980
5iPDS ISIS Kermit Source5.25"1980
7Muliplan For iPDS CP/M-80  Ver. 1.05.25"1982
8Muliplan For iPDS CP/M-80  Ver. 1.05.25"1982
9ISIS-PDS EMV-51 Ver. 1.05.25"1982
10Micropro Wordstar For iPDS DS/DD Ver. 3.05.25"1982
11CEPDS Ver. 1.05.25"1982
12iPPS-PDS Ver. 1.15.25"1982
13Digital Research CP/M-80 Operating System For iPDS Ver. 2.25.25"1982
14MCS-51 Software Development Package For PDS Ver. 2.25.25"1982
15Microsoft CP/M Basic-80 Compiler For iPDS Ver. 5.245.25"1982
16Microsoft CP/M Basic-80 Compiler For iPDS Ver. 5.245.25"1982
17PL/M-51 For iPDS5.25"1983
18E88EC Ver. 1.05.25"1984
19EMV-88 Software Ver. 1.05.25"1984
20EMV-88 Software Ver. 1.05.25"1984
21EMV-88 Software Ver. 1.05.25"1984
22EMV-88 Software Ver. 1.05.25"1984
23EMV-88 Software Ver. 1.05.25"1984
24PCPP/IPPS Ver. 2.05.25"1986
25iPPS Ver. 1.45.25"1986
26iPPS Ver. 1.45.25"1986
27PROM PROG SW PC, XT , AT Ver. 2.35.25"1986
2882588/Starlan Desigen Kit Exerciser Software Ver. 1.05.25"1986
2982588/Starlan Desigen Kit Software Listing Ver. 1.05.25"1986
30Intel Programmble Logic Development System iPLDS II Ver. 1.05.25"1987
31Intel PLDshell Programmble Logic Desigen Shell Ver. 1.05.25"1991
32Intel ICE-186 Demo Support Kit Ver. 1.05.25"1992
33Paradigm Debug/ICE-18X Demo For Intel ICE-18X Family Of Emulators5.25"1992
34Intel PLDshell Programmble Logic Desigen Shell Ver. 3.03.5"1992
35Intel PLDshell Programmble Logic Desigen Shell Ver."1992
36ICE-186 Demo Support Kit Ver. 1.0 3.5"1992
37Intel Proshare  Presonal Conferencing Time-Out Ver.3.5"1993
38Intel Proshare  Presonal Conferencing Standard Edition Ver. 1.53.5"1993
39Intel ApBuilder Ineractive Programming Software For Embedded Applications Ver. 2.03.5"1994
40Intel ApBuilder Ineractive Programming Software For Embedded Applications Ver. 2.03.5"1994
41Intel iRMX EMB Support For Intel 386EX Processor Eval Board3.5"1994
42Intel iRMX EMB Support For Intel 386EX Processor Eval Board3.5"1994
43Intel Proshare  Presonal Conferencing Time-Out Ver.3.5"1994
44Intel Proshare  Presonal Conferencing Video System Ver. 1.83.5"1994
45Intel 386EX Embedded Microprocessor Eval Board Flash Utility And Board Support Package3.5"1995
46Intel 386EX Embedded Microprocessor Eval Board Flash Utility And Board Support Package3.5"1995
47Intel Chipset 430TX/440LX Disk Pro Bus Master IDE Driver Ver. 1.00I3.5"
48Intel Chipset 430TX/440LX Disk Pro DMI/INF Driver Ver. 1.00I3.5"
50Intel Proshare Conferencing Video System Ver.20CD1996
51Intel Proshare Conferencing Video System Ver.20CD1996
52Intel Proshare Conferencing Premier Software Ver.20CD1996
53Intel Smart Video Recorder IIICD 1996
54Intel Proshare Conferencing Software Ver. 2.1CD 1997
55Intel Proshare Conferencing Software Ver. 2.1CD 1997
56Intel Developers insight CD-ROMCD1997
57Intel Developers insight CD-ROMCD1998
58Intel Computer Sound Morpher CD1998
59Intel Computer Sound Morpher CD1998
60Intel PRO/100 CardBus II Mobile Adapter Ver 3.5.0CD 1999
61Intel Proshare Video System 500 Ver. 5.2CD1999
62Intel Proshare Video System 500 Ver. 5.2CD1999
63Intel QX3 Coputer Microscope CD-ROMCD1999
64Intel Video Phone Software CD 1999
65Intel Video Phone Software CD 1999
66Intel Create & Share SoftwareCD 1999
67Intel Create & Share SoftwareCD 1999
68Intel Computer Video Camera Activity System With Fair ME2CAMCD1999
69Intel Wireless Series Ver. 1.0 Gamepad AccessoryCD2000
70Intel Wireless Series Ver. 1.0 Gamepad AccessoryCD2000
71Intel Wireless Series Ver. 1.0 Gamepad AccessoryCD2000
72Intel Wireless Series Ver. 1.0 Base Station And MouseCD2000
73Intel Wireless Series Ver. 1.0 Base Station , Mouse & KeyboardCD2000
74Intel Pocket Concert Aduio Player Ver. 1.0CD2000
75Intel PC Camera Bonus CDCD2000
76Intel Create & Share Software For Intel Pocket PC CameraCD 2000
77Intel Create & Share Software For Intel Pocket PC CameraCD 2000
78Intel Pocket Concert Aduio Player Ver. 1.0CD2001
79Intel Pocket Concert Aduio Player Ver. 1.0CD2001
80Intel Pocket Concert Aduio Player Ver. 1.0CD2001
81Intel Create & Share Software For Intel Pro PC CameraCD 2001
82Intel Personal Audio Player 3000CD2001

My Intel Vintage Tools

Intel Play
Intel Play Computer Sound Morpher2
Intel Play Digital Movie Creator1
Intel Play Me2Cam Computer Video Camera1
Intel Play QX3 Computer Microscope 1
Intel Camera
Intel Pocket PC Camera (Black) CS-6301
Intel Pocket PC Camera (White) CS-6302
Intel Web Camera CS-4311
Intel PC Camera Pack USB Create & Share Software Video1
Intel Web Camera 1
Intel MP3
Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player4
Intel Personal Audio Player 30002
Intel MP Speakers2
Intel Wireless Devices
Intel Dot Station PC1
 Intel Web Tablet1
iPDS-100  Intel Personal Development System2
Intel Three Vintage In-Circuit Emulation Clips1
Intel Vintage In-Circuit Emulation Probe 252 8X5X 80511
The Intel 376 Family Sample Kit2
EM-51 Emulator 3
 Intel SDK-80 1
 Intel SDK-85 1
 Intel 80186 Microsystem Design Kit 1
Intel 80286 Microsystem Design Kit1
Intel 5164S/L RAM Sample Kit1
Intel 8098 Sample Kit1
 Intel MDK-96 Design Kit1
Intel CHMOS Microcontroller Design Kit1
 Intel Network StaLAN Design Kit
ICE- 511
ICE-186 Demo Support Kit (Documents & Software)1
Intel Evaluation Board 82930 USBM Rev B1
 Genuine Intel Math Coprocessor Personal Computer Enhancement1
Intel MCS-4  PA4-04 Program Analyzer (1973)2
 Intel PLD Programmable LOGIC Design Shell Software
Intel iPLDS PLD Programmable Logic Development System1
Intel External Trace Module For ICE-851
Intel PIUP-GUPI Module 3
 Intel iPDS-110 Optional Processor Board 1
 Intel iPDS-100 Main Processor Board1
 Intel iPDS-100 Floppy Disk Driver (Internal)1
Intel iUP-F27/128 E2/EPROM Programmer4
 Intel iUP-FAST 27/K E2/EPROM Programmer3
 Intel iUP-F36/32 E2/EPROM Programmer1
 Intel iUP-F87/44 Microcontroller Programmer1
 Intel iUP-F87/51A Microcontroller Programmer1
 Intel GUPI LOGIC-09 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 2
 Intel GUPI LOGIC-12 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
 Intel GUPI LOGIC-18 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
 Intel GUPI LOGIC-20D20J Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
 Intel GUPI LOGIC-40D44J Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
 Intel GUPI LOGIC-BIC Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
 Intel GUPI pMCS-51 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
 Intel GUPI 8796 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer 1
Intel GUPI 27010 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer1
Intel GUPI 27011 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer1
Intel GUPI 27210 Adapter for IUP-200A Programmer1
Intel ProShare Personal Conferencing Vsrsion 1.5 (1993)1
Intel ProShare Personal Conferencing Software (1994)1
Intel ProShare Personal Software Upgrade (1994)1
Intel ProShare Conferencing Video System 2002
Intel ProShare Conferencing Video System 5002
Intel Smart Video Recorder III1
Intel FaxMODEM, Internal PCI 32-bit1
Keychain Intel Inside1
 Intel Drop "e" logo I.D. Security Badge Holder
 Intel Calculator Reliable Solutions
The Intel486SX Microprocessor Technology Briefing (Video)1

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